Donations arrived in the Village of Tinbakora

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Donations Arrived in Guinea – 09/02/2019


Today is one of the happiest Day of our life. We are very happy and pleased but all thanks belong to the Almighty Allah whom made it possible for us. Destiny Charity has been able to put a little smile on the children,women and some men’s faces from a village so far that people called them the forgotten Village.

Ya Allah please help us make this project big and successful because successful does not determine how much money you have in your account but for us success means how much sacrifice you are willing to make to be able to change people’s lives. The Impact you will have in people’s lives of course. All this is possible with the help of Almighty Allah.


Destiny Charity Official Launch

We thank the Almighty God for giving us the opportunity to officialise our Charity after weeks of discussion.

We have celebrate the event together as a family and look forward to providing help to those who need it th most.

We hope you will support us with your donations.

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Helping children

These are some of the kids that will receive our first donation in 2019. The donations will rich them around mid-February.

We feel so blessed that we can do our bit for the community and put a smile on their faces.

We can always do more, your help is very much needed and appreciated.

Please donate.